Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Order Updates

I have sold out totally of grey , blond and white
meaning mos of my coolours cant be redyed untill the new pelts come in

delayed -- any orders with Stormcloud , Stormskys and Thundercloud
I have no Cinnamon, Cinnamon swirl , or Flame /Fire

the pelts are due in any day now ...its gonna take e a ffew days to catch up dying them

I heard from Dennis yesterdy , tthankfully he is well
I wasnt sure were about in China he was

they started casting the large Moona a couple of weeks back and had some of the
last pre-orders cast and eady for face-ups

I suspect the pre-order is being delayed so they can be shipped with the larger Moona
I way exited about her ..she is going to be a cracking size
just right to share Blythe fashhions ..and I am hopeing Bratz ...
I had my first Bratz arrive today ...I bought a couple ofa EvilBay
OMG ..the fashions are lovely Im not sure if I love them or hate the doll itself LOL
I could always strip them and bung them back on Ebay

Heard From Blod today ...yhay ..she has some ideas about Sam ...I find it easy to all him Sam ...I can see him so clearly ..but just have problems putting him to paper ...when I see Blods work ..its like sigh ...she just rocks and I just doodle ...although I am pleased with the first few drawings of Mina

she is like a slimmer Coco ...only with mermaid ears ...and the tail ...a pain in the arse ..whos bloody silly idea was this .!!

..that reminds me ..got to get my pencil out Pete wants me to do a tatoo for his arm ..no preasure !

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