Sunday, July 6, 2008


DARKTAN GIRLS, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

all the girls and my polishing block

if I never see another dark tan it will be too soon ...
things were going so well ...then the weather changed and disaster ...the face-ups bloomed

I could just do without this means another days work
stripping off the face -ups and starting again ...I can do it ..luckily
but its very frustrating

its not been a great weekend

Dont even talk about yesterday ...Ok I will caus Im still getting over it

I vowed I would never do a Summer Fete ever again ...15 years ago ..when I sat in a field trying to sell SaltDough
and I vowed I would never do a Knex class again ..Im just not happy doing it

....but thought I would help out 1 last time ....with a 4 hour workshop
and I could show the lovely Gavin ...who made my day ...the roaps I followed my Tom Tom ....and was mortified
I ended up in a field largely ignored as I wasnt a bobbing duck or bouncy castle ! and I learnt youcannot do a class next to a marching band !
If it had dawned on me it was a Summer Fete ,I wouldnt have done it

I got prickly heat ...I only have to see sun and I get that ...then it rained and I got soaked ...I stuck it out ...I got soaked again ...and this time I was so cold 3.30 ...I gave it neck ....
I was stressed ...distressed ...and miserable

so thats why Im in a bad mood ...and will sleep on whether I release the dark tan girls again
although I do fancy a dark tan Mina

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Nepenthe said...

Oh no! I wish I'd seen this sooner (I found the blog searching for a photo of your dark Coco). It sounds like a really rotten weekend and a ton of work and hours on your part were ruined :( I wouldn't stop the dark tan girls entirely, they're really lovely! Maybe you could do a limited release though, like just during the wintertime when the weather isn't so humid. If that happens in GB O_O Good luck, and thank you for all your hard work finishing our girls! ~Julia C

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