Monday, January 11, 2010

SICK ...................

just a quick update
Ive been under the weather since Christmas ..but felt this comming on the weekend ...
We are snowed under and to top it all .although I can now get in my car ....I have a chest infection from hell cant get out for a couple of days again

I had to go out to the Dcs this morning ..the conditions and the cold ..slayed me

the Antibiotocs should be working by in a few days long as I can get the car to the front of the post office ..I will be Ok I will be sposting the wigs as soon as I can

its so frustraiting ..I dont feel to bad ...just exhausted ...when Im in the house ..Im not too bad ..just coughing like an old man ..!! and I know through past history I have to be careful

the last time I ended up bed ridden for 2 weeks ..sS

its just the walking thing I can do right now , iM RESTINg ..FLUIDS AND MEDS

But I promise ..what ever they will be in the post by the end of the week ...if I'm not better I'm enlisting the help of Hubby to get the mail out


so Im taking this time to do some sewing ..and colourcharts ..and sleep xx


Miriam said...

get better soon honey xx

Mandy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Meike said...

Get well soon, you poor thing!

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