Monday, August 23, 2010

and Im back !

spent a lovely few days ..with friends
and got some great walking gear ..and nic nacks for the Van

we are both so stoked doing her up LOL

I - WE have spent this weekend ..doing the Van ....
and thoroughly enjoyed myself ....just spending time ..not working as in making wigs and stuff ...but with Pete..
dodging the rain showers ..although Sunday was pretty nice

the Van`s interior framework is almost done ..the cookers frame , The seats , bed and toilet has now got its frame
Pete is now on the last leg ..the storage and a sink
which I bought yesterday off Ebay ...a nice small one ...and compromising ..not a full wardrobe ..a small one ..well, we only wear Jeans and T shirts anyway LOL
there will be storage for bedding under the seat ..and jackets can hang on hooks in the cab ..or in the toilet area if they are wet
its so much fun planning everything out

The Star has really opened up now that large board is down
and the metal box ..which we think may have been an old heater box or something .. that's out

we got rid of all the old cushions ...I want new ones ...
so the cab is now clean .. vacuumed and next weekend Im just gonna give her a wipe down try and get some of the age old dust out
hopefully over the bank holiday next week ...Pete will get in the last part of the frame work ...and I can do the cab and the step WIGS ...I have answered all my Etsy emails
my e.mails .. I'm doing Flikr now ..and tomorrow DOA hands are hurting like hell after a day at the PC ..but Im on track

the weather is appalling ..wet ..and warm NOTHING is drying fast ..its lousy ....but Im back and at work

I have several wigs for the 1ST OF SEPTEMBER ETSY update hopefully everyone should get something :)

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