Sunday, August 8, 2010

Im on Holiday

I have got ALMOST everything out ..Ive run out of Boxs ..and Bags
everything ..but I have almost everything posted

a couple of orders I just couldnt get dry
2 curley tots ..and a Puki with peach tips

I will post these as soon as I get back

I had to take a picture of this wig before I boxed it up ...I just thought it was beautiful ......

well Im off now for 10 days ...back soon xxx

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was LittleBloomers for many years making miniature dolls , then miniature tiny bears ...get it :) I feel old , In 2004 ..I started making tiny outfits ..thats when I bought my first tiny ...I was hooked in 2006 I started making wigs although my first few wigs were for my tinys I soon had customers asking me for larger sizes ...and that is that