Thursday, October 7, 2010

my boys

my boys, originally uploaded by Sleeping Elf ....?.

today is a good day ..I got up showered ..put on some make up ...and Im getting to work
Pete is at home ..he is helping get the post out many orders right now
those good vibes your sending are working :)
mail man came and went news today

but Pete did have to go to the Doctor for a sick note
our family doctor has been great
he has told us stop positive ..Pete is young fit and strong and very healthy apart form that little f****r thats sitting in his lymph gland right now , the sooner its out the happier I will be

thank you too all our friends e.mailing me and sending us healing vibes !
bring them on ...I dont know how to pray ..Ive never been much into religion ..but God am I doing it now anyone who is listening

so my Blod is my secret place ..I can come and scream at the Moon

Today is a good day and Im up for a fight

...Oh yeah ...wigs are going out too :)

and thank you everyone contacting me about my dolls xx

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