Friday, January 14, 2011

this illness is relentless
since October when we first found out its gone from bad to worse

yesterday we found out he has a tumor on his brain

I cant even begin to organise my thoughts
treatment starts next week


Anonymous said...

I know that must be a horrible shock... All I can say is that I know two people who've survived a brain tumour and now lead normal lives again.

Fionne said...
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Fionne said...

I can't offer anything but prayers and virtual hugs, Carrie. Try to keep your spirits high and have hope, dear.
Kirahfaye (DOA)

Wendy said...

I was shocked to hear the news of your husband's illness. My thoughts and prayers are with you all the way. Miracles have happened and I am praying that this will be one of them.

Wendy Rundel

Kayjay said...

Oh Carrie I'm so sorry to hear this. Try to keep your positiveness and know that there are a lot of people thinking of you and Pete and hoping for better news soon.

Kathryn (Kayjay) x

Michelle's Mad World said...

No words will ever be enough to say how you all must be feeling. I have a friend who survived a brain tumour (last year) and has made a full recovery.

I can only offer love and hope that this awful time for you all passes and that the best possible result ensues.

Michelle xxx

Samantha said...

oh Carrie, I keep reading your blog to see how Pete is, and I keep hoping to read some good news. Stay strong - our thoughts are with you all *hugs*
Sam xxx

Bry said...

Awwww Carrie, I finally find you again after all these years and it is to hear Pete has the big C, I am so sorry. I really hope he makes a full recovery honey xxxx

Bry :0)xx

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