Saturday, September 20, 2008


Blossom , originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

I am having a new love affair with my Blythe
Blossom has finnaly got a new head cap on ...the wigs fit so much better now ...I m in love with her all over again

Julia is about to have the tinybear treatment ,I know I have eyechips somewere
And Oddbod is haveing a nose job and mouth carved
...Im thinking of turning her into a "Sally "
the Hujoo body is too pale for her ...but I still think the Hujoo body is awesome with Blythe head ...
so Im now hunting for a pale head to make my dream Blythe
a Blythe Ball joint !
so I orderd a new Blythe ...Cousin Olivia ...apparently she has a white tone ...she is also stunningly beautiful and I LOVE her outfit

...only trouble is I saw Miss Sally and I really like her too .......No I am only having my 5 Blythe more !
Rosie is going to get fixed up soon
I love her ..she was my secong Blythe ..and her eyes dont work at the momment ...she came to me like that ...but she is my little Gloomy guss


willynillywaterlily said...

Your Blossom looks beautiful!

tinybear said...

thankies ...she looks so much better now she has her new headcap :D
Im thrilled with her

now to finish her friend :D

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