Monday, June 30, 2008

Custom wig

Custom wig, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

I love this wig ...It took me days ..but Im glad I took it on
who says Isao looks funny in fur wigs :)

I loved him so much ..I bought him a body :)

Ok expect delays ...fur hasnt arrived yet ...I dont think its lost or anything like that
the shippments are just taking longer to arrive used to be 2 weeks its more like 4 ;(
Im just going to have to order more

I just ordered some stunning deep red from them ...that should be in about 3 weeks

also the Dark tan girls are on their way ...shipped today
and coloured Coco and BonBon
I also have most colours of Bracken and Moona in stock

Mina and Large Moona re being made now
then will be the mer maid

I am also thinking of haveing 10 dark tan Large Moona , Mina and Mina mermaid made

also free knitting pattern for Moona on my web site

1 comment:

Dees said...

It looks like an adam ant doll!!!!Wow what a wig!

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