Tuesday, October 28, 2008

baby its cold outside !..TinyFeeCrazy

I wnt a little mad this week
I ordered a Fullset Ante and the little boy Pipi in a group order

I can already see outfits dancing across my mind, its been a long time since I have made outfits ...but I have such beautiful fabrics now ...and I cant wait for the wigs ...wow
my little boy is going to be a little blonde
...or Cappuchino, and she is going to be strawberry ..or rasberry to go with that little dress

yes I have gone mad ..thats these 2 ,I have ordered
and Charles`s wonderful creations ..all this month...well thats my Birthday and Christmas sorted ...Opps I forgot I have a Frosty Frock Blythe on order too
November its cold turky time ...no more buying dolls
but my excuse , I will be making outfits again and wigs for these

I nearly have eveyones christmas presents, so I should be Ok LOL
...just Pete to get for

Cant believe Im thinking of Christmas ...but I am having to take orders and order dolls in now to get them posted to their new Mums for Christmas

...Al is 21 today ..
.I have just come up from the workshop ..its so cold my fingers are froze
they actually went blue ...the workshop normally isnt that cold ..but I think I am going to have to get a bigger heater ..and now its snowing ..me thinks bigger heater definatly if its going to get this cold ..!!!
now Im going to thaw out ...put some soup on ..shower ..and go have a drink with my Son and Husband for his Birthday

...Oh yeah ...WIGS ...flying I have almost done Octobers orders ...all late orders are now done too
and the last are to be sent tommorow

the workshop is paying dividends ..I ant wait now to get making bears and outfits


ReineDeLaSeine14 (Stephanie) said...

That's it Carrie...we're cutting you off!

(although I can't wait to see the Little Fee myself...and the wigs that will transpire)

I do wish you offered more outfits...my kids would love, love, love half the stuff you make (I'll wear the other half LOL)

And yes...here in CT we're forcasted to have snow tomorrow!!!


tinybear said...

Yeah I think it has to be done ...
I get very stressed with the wigs ..so will try chilling out a little sewing :D LOL
I LOVE sewing for the tinys
...and have to give the tax man a reason why Im spending so much on dolls ...after all I have to have models ..well I do ..how else do I knwo if tey fit properly LOL

We had snow Monday ...it has to be said this is the coldest its been in October for ages ..it feels like were gonna have a real winter

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