Friday, November 21, 2008

and now

and now , originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Fleur now ...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her

I wont be parting with her now ...
I cant wait for Dandilion to come home ..I will be giving her a simialar look I think and call her Viola

Im killing time today ...I do have some wig orders to do ...but I have to wait for UPS ....they are delivering today ..and I cant go down to my workshop ..which is OK ,I have a stinking cold and cough
...and have been burning the midnight oil I will rest up for a couple of days ..keep taking the becham powder


ReineDeLaSeine14 (Stephanie) said...

Oh she is beautiful!

tinybear said...

thanks sweetie ...she is isnt she
Im so happy to have her

Bronwyn said...

I love her too.... I want one XD

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