Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years day

Christmas Eve 2008, originally uploaded by sleepingelf.

Wow I have had so many e.mails and PMs ..and Flikr the past few days
asking about how to make resin ball joint dolls
I have has to write a general letter and post to all of them '
Wonder if its the magazine ?
once upon a time ..if you wanted a dolls house doll ...hey sculpt it out of Fimo ...wonderful medium, ..untill they changed it now its crap
but still ....Resin balljoint dolls ...not that easy honest

Im having a well earned holiday ...but hate not contacting people

so here it is for anyone who is wondering about contacting
feel free but ..I dont know how to cast in resin

Sorry for the late reply I'm having a few days off over the new year and recharging

..I have had several e.mails & PMS
Come in yesterday and today all asking the same I'm kinda sending a general letter out to all of you instead of answering everyone individually, Sorry ..hate being this impersonal ...but otherwise honest I would be on there laptop all week ...
..But thank you for taking the time to contact me
I have sculpted , sewn and generally messed about for years,I LOVE PLAYING
I wouldn't touch Sculpty and the new Fimo if you paid me ...its not strong enough for the joints
If you can use Apoxy sculpt ...its expensive ..but worth it that stuff is strong enough
I have a Huge collection of sculpting , doll anatomy , anatomy and art books ..and read anything I can
The more you know ...and all that
I totally recommend
I always recommend this book Yoshida Style sculpting book
It is amazing
It will show you how to make a ball joint doll ..joints and all ...its amazing
Working with resin ...
I'm afraid I Cant help much , I couldn't cast resin to save my life , that's why I went to Bobobie
But If you are making one or 2 dolls ..this really isnt viable as its so expensive have to have 50 made
And have re-orders
Check out DOA artist section are likely to get more help there , there is a web site somewhere that shows you how to make moulds and pour resin ...
I heard so many horror story's about fumes ...then how difficult it is to get the resin to look like professionally cast ones
And as I already had my teddy bear business and my very busy wig making business
So believe me when I say ..sculpting is a nightmare ...fur gets everywhere ...even when you think you have cleaned up
You look down and your carefully sculpted calf has a long hair permanently imbedded !
...I just don't have the room , the knowledge or the time to learn
So I decided to go with having her made professionally ..and taking a chance , that I would get left with 49
Luckily I caught the imagination of my customers ..and I'm going from strength to strength

I am a total control freak, so work alone ...I bounce ideas with my friend Blod ...she dose my art work ...but I don't use other sculptors .. at the momment ..the SleepingElf is too personal . They are my characters ...I know who is in my mind and coming next sorry ...not yet

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