Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tea Break

Tea Break, originally uploaded by Sleeping Elf ...

and we now have almost everything down ...were saving the wood and recyclable almost everything ...there are a few changes we want to make with the layout ....dead exited
last night I went and got the fabric for the curtains and covers ...were keeping a list of everything were spending :)

Ok ..wig news ..doll news
its taking me longer to get the wigs done hands arnt good since I fell ..but iM DOING MY BEST WITH THEM
All orders are comming .. a bit slower ..but Im getting there

Im not on-line weekends ...resting up ..but again I can take you order ..invoices are sent out Monday xx

I have dolls and wigs going out today ..that also includes late wigs ..this will continue untill Friday xx

and YES Stock in ..I have a few Fallow ...dark tan coco , and Mina

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redcountess said...

You're looking fabulous Carrie :-) Just checking in on you after being AWOL from dolls and their people for a while. Liz.

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